The Adolescent Skin Care Tips

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It’s no big secret that teenagers can really suffer with skin problems. Acne is a prominent issue, in addition to blackheads and general blemishes. There are things that teens can do to reduce skin problems and make the overall appearance of their face cleaner and fresher. Jessica Wu is a dermatologist who is board certified and with a huge amount of knowledge in everything skin related. Enlargement of the oil glands are a given with surging hormones which leads to big pores and oily skin. All teenagers have different types of skin but there are steps that everyone can take to improve their skin.

Top teen skincare tips

  • Make sure to wash off your makeup before you go to bed! This is something that many young people neglect to do but it’s of the utmost importance. It’s best to use a proper makeup removing product to clean your face at the end of the day, finished by washing your face with water. Sleeping in makeup might seem the most convenient option, particularly if you’ve been on a night out but it leaves your skin more prone to acne breakouts and a bumpy rash that is known as periocular dermatitis.
  • You should be cleansing your skin on a daily basis. For oily skin, you should be cleansing it with a foam or gel cleanser. Start by cleansing around your eyes and then the rest of your face. Wash your face before doing any kind of sports and exercise. If you don’t want to carry a ton of different products with you, that is understandable but at least have some standard makeup wipes.
  • Control the levels of oil on your skin because this can cause a lot of skin problems that are tricky to get rid of. Jessica Wu is an advocater of a three step method in order to control oily skin. This starts with using a salicylic acid cleanser before using a primer on your face that is oil-free. You should finally finish this off by blotting any excess oil throughout the day using cloths or tissues that are designed for this purpose.
  • Exfoliating should be done once to twice a week and if you don’t exfoliate already, now is a great time to start. Make sure to never scrub harshly at the skin during exfoliation, it should be a gentle but thorough process.
teen skin care
  • As a teen, you probably want to share makeup products with your friends but it is not recommended that you do this. Germs spread through makeup and in regards to eye and lip products, you should be particularly careful. Recommending products to each other is awesome but buying your own will be the most beneficial to your skin.
  • Don’t believe or try old wives tales to get rid of your acne. People think that dotting toothpaste on their face is the answer but this is definitely not the case. There are many good skincare products out there that are reasonably priced so don’t attempt to cut corners with methods that could make your skin worse.
  • If you are constantly getting spots around your hairline, it could actually be hair products that are causing the breakouts. Wu says that hair spray products is the best option because these are less likely to cause skin issues.
  • Use an oil-free sunscreen on a regular basis for overall protection. Sun damage can make the issues with your skin intensify so it’s vital that you take care of yourself in every area of your life. You should be avoiding sunbeds at all costs, this can really damage your skin, cause wrinkles in later life and even increase your likelihood of cancer.


If you have been following the mentioned tips to eliminate acne and other skin issues, then you should be well on your way to the skin you want. However, don’t be afraid to visit your doctor if nothing seems to be working. They can offer you further advice and point you in the direction of some prescribed products that are known to be effective. You’ve got enough to deal with as a teenager, so taking care of your skin so you can enjoy life to the fullest is really important.

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