Sure-Fire Tips to Maintain Radiant Skin During the Holiday Season

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Happiness is glowing skin’s best-kept secret, or so they say. Positive feelings can enhance the skin’s ability to regenerate and rejuvenate itself. But truth be told, a happy-go-lucky attitude’s got nothing on having a proper skincare regimen in place – and this is especially true during the festive party season.

‘Tis the Season to Pamper Your Skin

The much-anticipated holiday season serves up a distinctly delectable slice of Christmas feasts, back-to-back parties till the break of dawn, family outings, girl’s nights out and New Year party extravaganza. But all these celebrations can spell skin woes as you may end up devoting less time to your skincare routine. Neglected skin tends to lose its natural,youthful glow, moisture, elasticity and tone.

We’re positive you wouldn’t want to welcome the new year with dehydrated, tired-looking and lackluster skin. So we’ve put together a list of foolproof tips to help you maintain healthy, radiant skin even if you are a party animal, keen on celebrating all night long. Follow these tips so you can feel and look your best throughout the entire festive season.

 Update Your Skincare Regimen and Follow It Religiously

‘Tis the season to winterize your skincare routine. Tailored to your skin’s specific needs during winter, your skincare regimen should focus primarily on keeping your skin properly moisturized for natural-looking, healthy radiance. Washing your skin thoroughly on a daily basis should also be part of your routine because it prevents pore congestion.

All skin types are affected by loss of moisture during the cold and dry season, but dry skin is especially affected. If you have dry skin, then it’s absolutely paramount to ensure it’s optimally moisturized and healthy. Be sure to switch to a quality cleanser with powerfully hydrating ingredients, select a moisturizer that lasts all day and glow will be there to stay.

If you have normal, oily or combination skin, you need to carefully choose a cleanser that combines ingredients suitable for your skin type as well as hydrating ingredients. Next, be sure to use a toner that matches your skin type for the purpose of removing any pore-clogging residue left by the cleanser.

Moisturizing and Exfoliating Work Wonders For Skin Glow

Continue your skincare routine with the right moisturizer e.g. a moisture-retaining, oil-based formula for dry skin and an oil-free moisturizer for oily skin. Never forget to apply sunscreen when going out during the day because proper protection against UVA/UVB rays is quintessential to naturally glowing skin.

Exfoliation should also be incorporated in your updated skincare routine because it’s especially important during the party season. Choose the right exfoliating treatment for your skin type and exfoliate your skin at least once a week to remove dead skin cells from the epidermis and reveal healthy, radiant skin.

Properly Remove Your Makeup Before Going to Sleep

Your post-party routine is as crucial as your day-to-day skincare regimen. Even if you feel completely exhausted after partying all night, you should never skimp on cleansing. Leaving your makeup ( especially eye makeup) on can cause not only discomfort during sleep, but also skin/ eye irritations and even some serious skin and eye conditions.

For instance, a black spot appeared on the inside of a woman’s eyelids after more than 25 years of heavy mascara use and improper removal. Removing your eye makeup before going to sleep is especially important, but removing the rest of your makeup is also in your best interest. Leaving your foundation on can cause irritated, dry and dull skin that’s also more prone to breakouts.

Generously use makeup removal products that match your skin type ( e.g. micellar water for dry/normal skin and face wipes for oily/combination skin) for a complete cleanup. Keep in mind that your skin regenerates itself during sleep, so failing to properly remove your makeup prevents skin renewal.

Be Serious About Getting Your Beauty Sleep

Ensuring that you get adequate, well-rested beauty sleep goes a long way, as it helps maintain your skin’s youthful, healthy glow. Research suggests that insufficient or lack of sleep has a negative impact on the skin’s ability to renew, rejuvenate and reconstruct itself, and it can age your skin up to 10 years.

On the other hand, quality sleep helps support better protective skin barriers and prevent your skin from sagging. Try to get at least 7 hours a night as often as you possibly can during the festive party season, because it will give your skin a real radiance boost.

‘Tis the season to be jolly, but with all the back-to-back parties that it brings, don’t forget to properly take care of your skin. This way, your skin will be healthy, merry and bright, and you will start the new year glowing from the inside out.

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