Our company cares about your privacy. Given policy accounts for the accepted confidentiality measures for our page at www.skinandcare.net. It outlines the ways we gather and use your private data on SkinAndCare, along with the rights and opportunities accessible to you.


During the registration with “SkinAndCare,” you may be asked to supply your private information (for example, your name/ valid electronic mail address). We gather additional information if you utilize any of our services. We gather personal data at different stages of using our website. We compile such personal details as: full name, birthdate, electronic mail address and the date of your registration on our page. At the same time, you can communicate the unwanted content, send reviews, invite your friends, etc.

In addition, we track the frequency and range of your application of the Services, the length of your visits, the websites you open, information that you read, content you post, ads that you observe or click on, your correspondence with other users and third persons on SkinAndCare, IP address and the domain name you use to access SkinAndCare, as well as the GPS location of the PC you use to access SkinAndCare with the help of “cookies” and “log files”.


Our websites use cookies. These are information packages sent by our servers to your Internet browser and then delivered back by the browser whenever it contacts our servers. The cookies record a wide range of information, like the content of search requests, SkinAndCare’s websites you have entered, length of sessions and IP addresses. We apply cookies for different purposes (for example, to save you the trouble of having to retype your username and password every time you access SkinAndCare, to simplify the utilization of services on our website, to gather statistical data regarding the use of SkinAndCare, to check the information, to adjust our services to your personal needs and to ensure information safety).

Some Cookies can expire when the session terminates, and you close your browser, while the others are stored on your computer’s hard disk for the above-mentioned purposes. If you want to block them, you should press the help button in your browser and follow the in indications required. But remember that disconnecting cookies can make it difficult (or even impossible) for you to use our website or its services.

Some of our commercial partners (for example, advertisers) can utilize web beacons and cookies and on our page. We lack access and have no control over these features. Read the article “Third Party Advertisers” below. A web beacon represents an object, integrated into a website or e-mail and generally imperceptible to the users. Nevertheless, it permits us to check that a person has seen the site or electronic mail, making the tracking of site traffic more efficient.

This confidentiality statement describes the utilization of cookies by www.skinandcare.net only and is not applicable to the use of cookies by any advertisers.


As in the case of most webpages, we collect specific data automatically and save it in log files. This data comprises the type of browser, IP address, ISP, linking pages, OS, date/time stamp, and information about visits, etc.

The data we collect through the log files can be anonymous or (in some instances) personally identifiable. If you are not a registered user, then we will not deliberately make use of any data that personally identifies you, except where explicitly stated in the policy referring to anonymous tracking information collection.

Additional data may be gathered if we exchange messages with you (for instance, in case you send a request to our client support).

We utilize this data to access trends, to manage the website, to trace customers’ movements on the page and to collect demographic data about our subscriber base in general.

We actually attach this automatically gathered information to the personal information as stated earlier with the objective of fault recovery and statistics.

Our company applies a third-party monitoring service, which uses cookies to trace impersonal information about the customers visiting the site to determine the overall statistical data.


You have the possibility to “opt-out”/refuse from having your personal information used for specific purposes when we request this data.

For example, if you don’t want to receive our advertising messages or our service related notifications, you can refuse from receiving them by following the indications included in every message or by writing us at your personal setup page. Otherwise, you can send us an e-mail to [email protected], if you want to opt-out.

You will receive a notification when we have expressly authorized that your personal data will be gathered by any third party, in instances other than a voluntary exchange of data with other users, so you can make a reasoned decision as to whether or not to share your data with that party.


Our company can use private data only for the purposes as mentioned earlier:

  • to permit you to use our website and benefit from its services;
  • to enhance and personalize your experience on our website;
  • to give you support and deal with the complaints;
  • to implement the Conditions of use;
  • to get in touch with you as and when required for the questions related to the service;
  • to respects all the existing laws and help law enforcement bodies in accordance with law any applicable law;
  • to collect charges and debts, as well as to avert fraud, illegal appropriation, violations and identity thefts on SkinAndCare;
  • to implement measures in any event of a dispute, or any type of judicial proceeding between you and us, or between you and any third parties, which have something to do with SkinAndCare;


We utilize anonymous, aggregated or statistical data on our website, such as posting, spreading, or conveying this information via SkinAndCare, or to the clients of SkinAndCare, or to our providers, business partners and any other user, under our own discretion, on the condition that this data will not identify you and that we will not consciously, or deliberately use such data to disclose your identity without your agreement, in accordance with the conditions of this policy.

Moreover, we use anonymous, aggregated and statistical data to maintain our website properly, to enhance the quality of our services, to improve the user experience, to provide the new facilities, including specialized services, to modify or delete the available material/services and for further domestic and statistical use.


Our company never sells, transmits or rents your personal data to third parties for whatever purpose (comprising their own marketing objectives) except as specified in this confidentiality policy.

We exchange personal data with other users in any of the above cases, or under your expressed consent:

Every time you use our services or participate in any content-related actions. In this instance, we may share your personal data only to the extent necessary to simplify your use of the services;

If we have reasons to believe that you have violated SkinAndCare’s conditions of Use, or misused your rights to utilize SkinAndCare, or realized any action or omission that we consider to be breaching any existing law or regulations. We can share your data in such cases, with enforcement authorities and other competent bodies and with any third person that might be necessary to deal with any consequence of your wrongful conduct;

If we are obliged to, or rightfully believe that we are required by law to share or reveal your data to carry out a legal proceeding, court decision or lawsuit served on our page.

In any event of a dispute, or any type of juridical proceeding between you and us, or between you and other clients or outside parties regarding to the use of SkinAndCare;

On all occasions where we rightfully believe that exchanging information is essential in order to avoid physical injury or material damage;

In case where we organize the work of SkinAndCare on other principles, or via another legal framework or personality, or if we are purchased by, or affiliated with another entity, on the condition that those organizations agree to accept the terms of this policy, considering consequential changes; any such adjustments shall be published prominently on the webpage, or sent to you in an email.

In addition, we can exchange personal data with the entities or companies related, or merged with us, including affiliates, subsidiaries, and daughter companies. Such data exchange will be subordinated to the recipient warrantee that they will use this data in complete accordance with this confidentiality policy and only for the objectives accepted by the user.


You have the possibility to access your account on SkinAndCare and modify, or correct your personal data by updating your profile on the site at any moment. If you believe that the data on your account is not correct, full or updated, you have to make the necessary amendments.

You should remember that false, inaccurate, or obsolete information may hinder you from registering on SkinAndCare and limit our ability to offer you the services and to contact you. Moreover, you can disable your account by emailing us at [email protected]

Before accessing private data on behalf of another person, you may be asked to give us a written and properly signed authorization, reaffirming that you are empowered by the personal information’s subject, or the subject’s official guardian, to access the information and change or update it. You accept that we may forbid you access in case you don’t provide us with the necessary authorization.


This website includes links to other webpages that don’t belong to SkinAndCare. Please note that we take no responsibility for the privacy policy of such other sites. We urge you to be careful when you close our page and to read the provisions on confidentiality of every site that gathers personal information.

This provision on confidentiality applies solely to the data gathered by this site.


We retain the right at any time to revise, reserve and/or reveal any data as we believe necessary to comply with any existing law, rule or legal proceeding. Nevertheless, in doing this we do not either directly or indirectly approve, confirm or in any way bear any responsibility for these actions.


We allow some other organizations to carry out commercial campaigns on SkinAndCare (display ads on the webpage). The commercials you see when visiting SkinAndCare are channeled from the servers of those agencies. Certain advertisers may use cookies on your PC. The cookies allow them to gather data about sites that you have visited, ads placed on those sites and the announcements that you have viewed. In such a way, advertisers attempt to adjust advertisements to meet your requirements. The advertisers’ use of cookies is subordinated to their own confidentiality policies. If you want to look at the confidentiality policies of those advertisers, you must visit their pages or get in touch with them. We lack access to and can’t control the advertisers’ cookies.


We introduce systems, apps and different arrangements to protect your personal data, to reduce the risks of injury, theft, data loss, or illegal access or use of data. Nevertheless, these actions can’t provide absolute guarantees. Thus, even though we make enormous efforts to protect your confidentiality, we can’t guarantee and you can’t rightly expect that SkinAndCare and our data banks will be safe from any unlawful actions, troubleshooting, illegal interceptions or access, or other types of abuse and misuse.


We can modify and update the conditions of this policy periodically. For this reason, we suggest that you read it from time to time. If we make substantial changes to that policy, we will send you a notification by email or via a notification on our main page.