Get Alabaster-Like Skin with These 5 Korean Skin Lightening Secrets

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Korean women are world-renowned for their pale and translucent, alabaster-like skin that seems to radiate from the inside. They believe that healthy, flawless and radiant skin is a telltale sign of true, perfect beauty. The little bit of discipline it takes to achieve such picture-perfect complexion has been instilled instinctively in Korean women, but what’s stopping us from learning some of their best kept secrets? Without further ado, here are 5 Korean skin whitening secrets to help you achieve dewy, supple and alabaster white skin.

  • First Things First – Skin Care, Then Makeup

For Korean women, makeup always follows skincare, not the other way around. The famous 10-step Korean skin care routine is not simply a regimen but a lifestyle and a ritual that works miracles. Korean women are extremely serious about their skin care routine and they carve out time to ensure every step is properly completed. Korean women practice double cleansing, by using a natural oil cleanser ( such macadamia, grape seed or jojoba oil) to remove makeup, sebum and debris, and then a water-based cleanser.
Regular exfoliation is also vital to a bright, translucent and radiant skin. This step is followed by the use of an alcohol-free tone to tighten up the skin. The best part about it is that the time needed for putting makeup on is greatly reduced as you don’t need to use many makeup products when you have healthy, glowing and supple skin.

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  • Build a Proper Skin Care Routine and Follow It Religiously

The 10-step Korean skin care regimen consists of oil cleanser, water-based cleanser, exfoliator, toner, essence, serum, sheet mask, eye cream, moisturizer, and sun protection ( in this order). While you don’t necessary have to follow this specific skin care routine, you should have a proper one in place and, equally important, stick to it.
Whitening skin care creams, lotions, and other products should be used on a daily basis for at least 3 months. Keep in mind this Korean skin lightening secret – use the skin lightening product of your choice for 3 months, on a daily basis to see if it really works for you.

  • Wear Sunscreen Every Day Of the Year

Although sunscreen is the last step in the Korean skin care regimen, it is not less important. That’s because sunscreen is one of the most effective and convenient ways to prevent premature aging and a darker, dull-looking complexion. Korean women apply sunscreen every single day of the year, one that offers the highest level of protection against harmful UV rays for their skin, typically with an SPF of at least 30.
Exposure to sunlight without proper protection is the skin’s biggest enemy, as it cause uneven tone, pigmentation and skin darkening. Take this Korean skin lightening secret to heart – use sunscreen every single day of the year, even if you’ll spend most of the day inside, because UV rays can pass through windows, whether it’s summer or winter.

  • Focus on Optimum Hydration

Applying a lightweight moisturizer is the 9th step in the world-famous Korean skin care routine, but it’s a crucial step nevertheless, because it seals in moisture, helping reduce fine lines and plumping up skin. Without optimum moisture content, your skin cannot look bright and healthy. In addition, well hydrated skin significantly improves its natural exfoliation rate ( medically known as skin desquamation), preventing uneven, dark and dull skin tone. Make the most of this Korean skin whitening secret – keep your skin optimally hydrated by applying deeply moisturizing creams or serums on a daily basis.

  • Follow a Healthy Diet for Bright Skin

A healthy, balanced diet, rich in vegetables, fruit and nuts goes a long way, because it helps illuminate your skin from the inside out. Foods that contain high amounts of antioxidants are you best bet for young-looking, radiant and healthy skin. Tomatoes are one of these foods, because they are rich in lycopene, a powerful antioxidant that helps lighten and brighten your skin, by protecting it from the darkening and damaging effects of UV rays. Be sure to remember this Korean skin lightening secret – incorporate in your diet nuts and fresh fruit and vegetables with a high content of natural antioxidants, such as blueberries, tomatoes, red grapefruit, walnuts and almonds.

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