Blackhead Removal Tool

Modern women increasingly buy the tools for mechanical face cleaning and perform this procedure at home. This is an entirely acceptable and effective practice, subject to all the rules of cleaning. You need to choose the right types of blackhead removal tools for a particular type of skin and rashes.

Which tools are used for face cleaning?

The tools for face cleaning, applied by the professional beauticians, can also be purchased for home use. The main thing is that the device is used in accordance with the indications and contraindications. The blackhead removal tool looks like a stick, whose ends are crowned with various fixtures.

The main types of devices for mechanical pore cleaning are:

  • loop;
  • spoon;
  • strainer;
  • needle.

What is blackhead removal tool?

It is a special cosmetic tool, which has a base-holder in the center and two tips at the edges. On one side, there is a small spoon with one hole in a central part. The other tip has several holes and reminds of a skimmer.

The instrument is designed for mechanical cleaning of the skin, namely, removal of excess sebum, comedones, blackheads, and small pimples. Many people eliminate these defects with their fingers, but it is inconvenient and unhygienic. Earlier, blackhead removal tool was applied by the professional cosmetologists, but now it is available to all and can be used at home.

The multi-hole tip is intended for the treatment of T-zone and other parts of the face with the numerous clogged pores. This side is designed to remove dead particles of the epidermis, excess sebum and dirt. The spoon with one hole is suitable for squeezing out single pimples.

Pros and cons

First of all, let’s examine the pros of blackhead removal tool:

It is more convenient and hygienic than squeezing out pimples with your fingers.

You may not only remove pimples but also get rid of small black dots, excess sebum, dirt, and dead skin cells. Thus, using a single device, you can achieve the effect of complicated cleaning and mechanical peeling.

Simple application, which any girl or woman can master on the first try.

Low price. You will purchase the tool for little money once and use it for a long time, which is much more profitable than regular visits to the beauticians.


The procedure is quite painful, especially in the first few times. But then you will get used to the sensations and be comfortable with them.

If the tool is misused, there are risks of skin injury and infection.

There are some contraindications.

Features of choice

When choosing a blackhead removal tool, you should pay attention to several points:

Material. High-quality tools are made of medical steel: it doesn’t corrode, has high strength and is hypoallergenic, due to which it serves long and doesn’t cause unwanted skin reactions.

Surface finish quality. A tool should be perfectly smooth, as bumps, notches, roughness and other defects may damage and injure skin integument when the device touches them.

Ease of use depends primarily on the grip of the tool. There is a holder in its central part, which has a ribbed surface with notches and allows to hold the device and prevent slipping.

Case. It is not always attached to the instrument. However, it is a useful addition, which will provide convenient storage.

It is desirable to purchase the instrument in a specialized department or store. Besides, you should trust only proven brands.

If you have the black dots, squeezing should be done only after proper preparation of the skin.

How to use blackhead removal tool

First of all, you need to remove all makeup from your face. To do this, you can use a special gel, foam or milk.

After that, the surface should be treated with a tonic that has a softening effect.

Then you need to remove dead skin cells with a scrub. It should be noted at the outset that this tool must not be used on dry skin.

The next stage is steaming. This procedure is required in order to open pores. A lot of people wonder: “Is it possible to squeeze out the black dots on the face with unsteamed skin?” This is undesirable, as such treatment can damage the epidermis and cause discomfort and a lot of pain. You should steam the skin within 20-30 minutes. If you have very sensitive skin, it is better to apply a special gel.

What do you need to know?

Before using the blackhead removal tool (different types of it) at home, you should know a few simple but essential rules.

You can’t use tools to affect the following types of rash: boils, carbuncles, pyoderma, herpetic elements, demodicosis, and other inflammatory and infectious lesions of the skin.

Before using any instrument, it should be treated with antiseptic (as well as your skin and hands). You also need to wrap your fingers with clean wipes. That is the only way to avoid subsequent inflammation.

After mechanical cleaning procedure, it is necessary to treat the skin with an antiseptic solution. As a rule, these are alcohol-containing products, which also contribute to the narrowing of the pores (this is an additional factor of protection against unwanted microflora on the damaged skin).

No matter where you clean your face – in a beauty salon or at home – you need to choose the right types of blackhead removal tools and use them according to indications and contraindications. If the tool for face cleaning didn’t help you for several sessions, you should contact a specialist.

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